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The Richness Of Gotta Patti Designs!


What is Gotta Patti in the first place? Thisis small hand work on your Saris and other clothing. These hand works are finely etched and often done on the border of the dress. They often have small leaf like shapes and the richness is the USP of these designs. Or in other words, Gotta Patti is associated with the rich golden embroidery work in Jaipur, Rajasthan. Jaipur, which is also known as pink city, is famous for the bright colors and the rich local culture. Moreover, Jaipur has been known for its long history of famous kingdoms. You will definitely come across the rich taste of Rajputs and royal families in their creations and Gotta Patti is no exception. This kind of work is applied mainly on the Saris but blouses also bear this design and you can have both the pieces with matching work on it.

The specialty of Gotta Patti work is that it is done in the most intrinsic manner as the women in the interiors work hard on these designs for hours. It’s more about the perfection and the fineness of the embroidery work. As you would guess, hand work requires much attention and hard work from these women and for the same reason Gotta Patti Saris are much in demand. This embroiderydesigns were much appreciated by the Royal Clan and the popularity for these designs remain intact even in today’s world as the wedding outfits tend not to avoid the fineness of thisembroidery work.

Gotta Patti designs have been achieved with fine gold thread and the sewing requires extreme focus. Small pieces of Zari ribbon is used on the fabric to add to the perfection of sewing. Tissue Kota fabric is the best fabric for Gotta Patti embroidery work and this fabric is considered to be a comfortable wear. Elegance is something which is associated with Tissue Kota fabric and the detailed Gotta Patti work can make the outfits look extremely beautiful. Kota Saris are famous all over the world for their rich colors and the exquisite embroidery work.

Usually the border is of 4’’ and it is clear enough to catch your attention right away. Once after having your Gotta Patti Sari you can search for a matching blouse too which would complement the Sari. May be you have formed an opinion that this work is costly and unaffordable. Well, this notion is not true at all. The handmade designs of this work are not costly at all if you get it directly from the sewers in the interiors. However, this is not possible for everyone as they are forced to get it from the nearest shop. One thing you should keep in mind that the big stores would ask more money because of their brand value and the other expenses they have on running their store. Also, they might be taking the help of machines to sew it, which means you wouldn’t come across authentic handmade Gotta Patti designs from few of these stores. Nonetheless, the designs are extremely attractive in general whether they are handmade or machine made. If you are particular about the original quality of Gotta Patti work you can visit those who make them in their house itself and you will definitely get top quality Saris and Blouses for a cheap rate.

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