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Zardozi Work and Its Designs


Zardozi work existed in India during the time of Rig Veda. This is a type of embroidery dominated in India and even in Pakistan. During the times of Emperor Akbar, this artwork design prospered but declination took place because the people are no longer loyal to his leadership and also due to industrialization. But lately today, Indian cities were very popular by its zardozi works especially in the places of Agra, Delhi, Chennai and some other locations The term Zardozi  derived from its meaning “The sewing of gold” which came from Persian. This beautiful metal embroidery is usually used by the royals in India, used to put more glamour in the attire of the kings. More so, zardozi work is helpful for the beautification of their palace, such as the royal tents, which was used for their walls, scabbards, also used to make the royal horses and elephants more attractive and alluring with the kinds of designs they are wearing on their backs.

Zardozi work has many classic designs. The embroidery is meticulously prepared by hand wherein each is a unique labor of love as they say. Designs and patterns continually evolve over time making the used of silver and also with the gold threads and the sparkling of precious stones and studded pearls contributes to its magnificent outcome of the embroidery

There are instances wherein some people think that the use of zardozi work is for the ornamentation on the attire of gods. During that time, the embroidery was done with real gold leaves and pure silver wires. However, today, by the use of copper wire combined with a golden or silver polish and a silk thread were the one enhanced by the makers of zardozi work design. Because of the material used, this a heavy and elaborate embroidery work which uses varieties of spangles, beads, stones, gold threads, seeds pearls and also gotta and wire.

These are the method used by the zardozi embroidery which is started by the craftsmen with their cross-leg position in making the zardozi work. The tools needed in making zardozi work are hooks that are curve, needle, pieces of salmaa or the wire gold, sitaara or the star shape in metal, sequence that are round, plastic beads and glass and also the different threads. The next step of processing, is to have a clean cloth and put a design on it and trace it out but the best to use is cloths such as the cottons, satins, silks and velvets as long as its soft, cottony, and class. They stretch the fabric in the wood that is framed and that’s how the zardozi work of embroidery started. The needle is usually used in pulling zardozi needlework, and it blends in to the functioning on the main designs of the zardozi embroidery and that’s the moment we begin to push the needles in the fabrics.

Many foreign women of our generation today love the zardozi work of art in India. Despite of the difference of their culture, styles and practices, they still love to use zardozi work because of its stunning outlook with regards to fashions and designs.

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