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The Craftsmen of Aari Work


It was on 12 th century when the aari embroidery has started its journey. It is an art of designing fabric or cloth using a hook through chain stitch types of embroidery. This hobby was specifically done by Mochior community. The elegant designs of this art were inspired by the moghuls designs. During that time, the aari work was majority done my Muslim individuals. After several years when the Moghuls Empire has declined, the craftsmen of aari work were separated and some of them went to some other places and towns of India. In fact, most of their customers before were the landlords or also known zamindars and some nobles.

On the other hand as the aari embroidery gained popularity, they have started making bulk orders of their crafted products to the Calcutta traders. After so many years, the aari work have lost its beauty because the craftsmen or workers were doing bundles of work with less amount of wages thus the quality of the aari work products goes down. To be able to recover in this situation, the only thing that should be done was to make a coarser work. All of the styles and designs were monitored by market that is why; the older designs have been pulled back. Men individuals were also prohibited to wear this kind of well-designed garments because these designs should be for women only.

In the year 1984, Sasha together with a certain groups of skilled craftsmen made a decision to work out the memories of the aari work. Although before, the designs off aari work were done on fine silks, but during this time it uses another kind of fabric just to be able to recover or revived the fineness of the stitches designs. Aside from this, Sasha also created an art exhibit of aari crafted designs so that she will gained enough awareness regarding on the designs of this craft. In this manner, it will give way to the skilled craftsmen to create elegant and fantastic designs.

In connection with this, in doing aari work embroidery on the fabric, the major materials are needles and threads. The process involves a chain stitched method thus resulting to a very fine and small stitches. Actually, the aari method has a great advantage than any other methods of crafting a fabric. Aari will able to work out even on the smallest possible embroidery designs.

Moreover, in these recent generations the aari work along with its fabulous designs are done on many fashionable Indian dresses like the sarees, salwar kameez and a lot more. Even before, the aari work clothes were embraced by many fashionable women and until now the aari designed clothes are already a part of the elegant wears of wealthy women individuals and personalities.

Today, among of the latest Asian and Indian fashionable clothes are made with the finest aari embroiderydesigns, sarees with zardozi work designs and many more. The aari work wears and other items that can be found today are made from the finest classic aari embroidery that gives a stunning look to everyone who will use it. Actually, the elegant aari designs are also done on shawls, blouses, gowns and other fashionable wears


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