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Dupatta- The Fashionable Scarf / Stole for Weddings

Dupatta is also known to some other alternative names like stole, stoles, orhni or odhni, chunri, pacheri, unni, and it is also called chadar in Pakistan. This is a kind of cloth with a similar size and shape to a scarf with either an embroidered or plain designs that usually measures two and a half meters long that is used to cover both shoulders or head and sometimes it worn like a cape around the entire torso. This is very popular among South East Asian women and it is then perfectly paired with their outer garments. Dupatta also gains popularity in south Asia because it is being worn along with their outfits called choli and gharara.


Traditionally, dupatta are worn by Southeast Asian women as a symbol of modesty in Southeast Asian dresses. It is made from high quality fabrics like the cotton, silk, chiffon, Georgette and a lot more. The designs and materials used in making this elegant scarf will depend on the type and styles of suits.


The fact that dupatta is used for covering the head, shoulders or any inadvertent cleavage and contour of the bosom, nowadays, this has become customizable as it is worn not only on one shoulder but also over the arms. In fact, this is even embraced in Indo-western clothing and the short dupatta is essentially seen with kurtas or thick fabric used during winter seasons and now, it is sometimes being used as an accessory of the current urban fashion.


Today, there are many options of wearing the orhni or commonly known as dupatta which will be very useful for everybody who wants to wear these elegant scarves. The first mode is by wearing it like a garland by simply allowing the middle potion of this scarf or orhni to rest upon the chest while both ends are also resting on both shoulders. The other way is wearing it along with the shalwar-kameez a kind of dupatta suit, wherein it is being thrown down at the front and back portion of the body and it is being folded neatly just over one shoulder and pinned. Sometimes both ends of this scarf are rarely seen knotted together over the other side of the shoulder to form cowl-like shape.

On the other hand, when dupatta is worn along with the gharara (long skirt) and choli (blouse), one end of this scarf is being tucked at the waistband of the long skirt or gharara so that it will form a beautiful circular pattern. Some other women like the Rajasthan’s, wore this scarf by emphasizing or placing the center of this scarf into their heads wherein the two outwards ends are brought in under the arms and pinned in the neck. Moreover, a half sari or a low skirt is paired with dupatta and worn by women in south of India.

Nowadays, the dupatta are very widely used in Hindu weddings. In fact, the most important colors for them are red because it symbolizes prosperity, good fortune and well being. Actually, the traditional Hindu bridal suits needs to be in a red colored dresses or at least touches red color shades because they fully believed that the newlywed bride who wears a red colored wedding dress brings forth good fortune to herself as she got married and being a part of her husband’s family.

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