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Applique Work


Useful Tips in Appliqué Work

India is enriched with fine works of art just like embroideries of different varieties. Apart from its characteristic of being hand-woven, most of these fine embroideries that are associated with stylish interior decorations are mostly antiques. There are several types of these embroideries namely: Gross Point Work, Petit Point Work and Appliqué Work. Both the Gross and Petit Works are commonly known to be as the needlepoint.  These are resemblance of old-fashioned cross stitch embroidery mostly done on the net. In Gross Point Work double threads are used while single thread is manifested in Petit Point Work.  Appliqué Work is famously used in the famous Napoleon's fireplaces, bed sheets, furniture’s and curtains. Its needlework embroidery is characterized by couching stitch. In Appliqué Work colorful silk threads are sewn around several pieces of thread that are seen on the ground fabrics.

In a broader sense, appliqué is a small device or an ornament being applied to another surface. It comes from the French word that means “that has been applied". In Appliqué Work, its history is traced back during the early 18th century from the kingdom of Dan home. Hastings Embroidery is a famous example of Appliqué Work. Such as in the case of banner-making, this is preferably suitable for artworks that are far in distance. This is basically done by putting on the sewn fabric to another piece of fabric to assemble creative pictures, designs and patterns. Appliqué work is being used usually in quilting.

Examples of American quilt blocks are Sunbonnet Sue and Dresden Plate, which are both created by both Appliqué and Patchwork.

 Appliqué Work designs, showcases decorative and attractive patterns on fabulous collection of credible items such as pillows, bed linens, table linens, cushions, duvet covers, curtains, table runners, quilts,  placemats, and other household items.  They are not only decorative but also functional with its contemporary taste in styles. These are like laces and ribbons that add elegance in its aura and create a refreshing ambiance on your surroundings. These works also plays a significant and enhancing atmosphere, with great works on the home interiors. Personalized knitted baby blankets with Appliqué Work on it, is a precious nursery gift to welcome the new baby to the world. It is unique in its own design that babies love to travel with it.

Other examples of Appliqué Work of Pakistan and India include Hawaiian quilts, Baltimore Album quilts, Amish quilts, Bordered Persian Rally quilts. There are two types of these special works of embroidery. Straight Stitch associated mostly with 2-3mm from its edge. The Satin Stitch that is all around and overlapping the edge is very nice. It may be straight stitched or glued on initially to achieve a stable position and a neat edge. Reverse Appliqué or the Buttonhole Stitch is also known as decorative stitching. You can create a random design on your work by cutting away the layers of such designs to create an artistic effect on it and make it unique from all other works. Important information shares that most school uniforms use Appliqué Work for their school badges.

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