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B Rude


B Rude-The Creation of Popular Singer and Fashion Designer

Boy George is the owner and the fashion designer of B Rude. He was born on the 14th day of June in 1961 in United Kingdom’s Bexley, South London. Boy George was the 3rd among the siblings. His parents are Gerald and Dinah O’Dowd. Boy George has been joining a family of one sister and five brothers. He has interests for being artistic and exclusive than being a follower and being in that attitude, it became a controversy during his studies from the very start. When he was a teenager, Boy George has been experimenting with outrageous hairstyle, cross dressing, makeup and noticed himself he was not welcome at school. Abiding a chain of youthful misbehavior, Boy George was discharged from his school and he was forced to leave his home town. During his adolescent year and early manliness he deviated all around in the UK and taking on largely assorted works just to make the ends meet. He was working as a seamstress, working as the Royal Shakespeare Company as a makeup artist, fruit picker and went to various stores to work and even to a little shops for clothing. During this time, he became quite popular for his ability in fashion and he was also assisted by many fashion designers to search a profession in fashion design or even a consultant in the industry of fashion.

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Boy George situated his B Rude boutique at the Clerk’s House which is located in the Shoreditch Church grounds where it was built in 1735, but in the beginning it was a clerical house and it has a captivated and to some extent an awful history. The building was a bookshop and a gallery of art before it became B Rude boutique. The shop is selling usual range of B Rude and a lot more of one-off parts, canvasses and jewelry and a many more. B Rude boutique is selling modern fashionable clothing for women who wish to explore the beauty of the latest fashion.

B Rude

One of the creations for the collection of B Rude label is the Karma Girls tee, this is a shirt for women which are popular to the young and sexy ladies and the fit shirt is made of white and soft cotton that is really amazing. The print of the shirt was inspired by his popular song Karma Chameleon. The designer of this shirt for girls and designer of B Rude went to London to make an exhibit for the debut of B Rude. In fact, this label has already shown two times in New York. The inspiration of the label was street wear with touch of irreverent and cheeky. The show ended with good finale and the audience contained of flamboyant beat type. The B Rude has been popular to fashionable people in London and the collections are well loved by many young fashionable women out there. Today, B Rude still retailing its collections around London and even across the sea and it is also showing more fashionable clothes for women in the runway.

B Rude

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B Rude

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