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How To Wear Saree

Make yourself look graceful by wearing Batik sarees


Sari could be categorized as one of the most versatile dresses of Asian countries. It became successful even in gaining the attraction of ladies of Western and European countries. It acts as an extension of a lady’s beauty. The most amazing and one of the reasons of this dress’s versatility is the availability in different varieties. You can say that every type speaks for itself. As the varieties are so many and diverse, we will be restricting our focus to only Batik sarees. Unlike other types, it has not only gained attraction in India but also has managed to attract foreigners as well. There is a complete elaborated process of making these sarees. Could you imagine that this saree trace back its origins from simple handicrafts. Making this sari involves dyeing and waxing the cloth. With the help of wax and dye, different patterns are made on Batik sarees. You would mostly notice flowered designs and patterns on these sarees. The place which is popular for making Batik sarees is Rajasthan. You could also include Madhya Pradesh. If you were to ask what is the signature of Batik sarees then the answer would be consisting of only one word, simplicity. However, it is very important to mention here that simplicity does not mean that it lacks extraordinariness. In other words, you could say that it is simple as well as extraordinary. In addition to that, its designs also do not require specialized artistic skills and it just demands from you to transcend your limits and norms. Moreover, it is believed that the best results are achieved just by luck. So, there is a lot of room for creativity. Batik sarees have its origins in India but other countries like Indonesia and Malaysia copied this style and that is how it is very popular in the western markets now.

Batik is conceived as a sophisticated art just like pottery regardless of the fact that there is a majority of people or let’s say critic do not even consider it as art. Batik sarees are also produced in Thailand as well and have gained a reasonable popularity in that region. Apart from two other places mentioned above, it is also produced in Madras and in fact this is considered as the starting place of Batik. This type of sarees is produced through several ways. For instance, there is a splash method which involves wax and the other method is of using stencil which is basically screen-printing. Apart from these, there are few other methods as well for making Batik Sarees. The versatility of this art is evident from the fact that it has started to evolve into other arts as well. It has transcended the boundaries of garments. In addition to that, these sarees are all about charisma. Moreover, individualistic factor also comes into play due to unique and versatile designs. Batik Sarees are multicolored and guaranteed to make you look graceful. So, what are you waiting for? Explore it all online and buy one.

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