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How Bombay Sarees Wears Became Popular


The historical event of Bombay’s clothing is known to be as one of the most important stories of modern India. With its network of textiles, housings, cultural centers and markets, all this things means a lot to India’s commercial and financial capital. When it comes to clothing, Bombay Sarees has always been popular and on the top in the line of fashions all over in the world today. They were developed as a trading port for such elegant and stunning sarees. The East India Company’s leadership within the 20 years was changed and transferred to Bombay from Surat and the whole coast of India soon called, The Trading Headquarters for the Whole West Coast of India.  

Bombay played a victorious role as they cried out for their Independence, when they hosted the first Indian National Congress in 1885 and with that comes out a campaign which is the launching of the “Quit India “in 1942. By that, Bombay ( AKA Mumbai ) is the fascinating and alluring of Bollywood cinema and by it, comes the ever fabulous and glamorous Bombay sarees, cricket on the maidans, bhelpuri on the beach of Chow patty and red double-decker buses. It was also the Asia’s largest crowd, the infamous cages of the red light district and also communalist politics. Bombay has vital street life and has also the best nightlife. A lot of bazaars were in there than you could ever look for and imagine.    

As you can see in today’s modern generation, Indian women who are wearing sarees are all good looking and fashionable in their Bombay sarees attire and it all started because also of Bollywood. Bombay is very famous of Bollywood sarees using glamorous fancy sarees which is well known all over the world. That is why numerous of Indian women today are using and wearing fancy saree and as well as Bombay sarees from whatever occasions they are attending to. That fabulous saree attires are available at different designs and styles with different colors also. The unique blend of this needlework fashions and designs has been popularized and made mark in the world of fashion today.

Indian women are beautiful as has been said and recognized by even famous people all over the world. It is maybe because of their awareness of modern fashion sensibilities. Most of the countries are mesmerize by this fashionable Bombay Sarees design. For this reason, many of the different fancy sarees including Bombay sarees are exported all over the world from Bombay as demanded by worldwide consumers. You can choose from more than 4000 styles and designs and colors from the different embroidery that fancy saree ever had and because of this, Bombay was now very famous in terms of fashion and design. Women here in Bombay or even foreign women look great and stunning every time they are going to wear fancy saree from Bombay. It is easy now to get along with the latest modern styles of Bombay sarees by just checking out online. You can choose lots of designs and colors in their by visiting any sites regarding Bombay sarees.

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