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The Unique Style of Brocade Sarees


For the past thousand years in the Indian history silk and silk weaving industry grew more popular globally. Although today, younger generations are widely influenced by the Western culture in their mode of dressing. But when it comes to special traditional celebrations and other important religious gatherings, the wearing of sarees is very much appropriate. There are many kinds of silk sarees in India that is locally segregated. One of which is the Brocade Sarees, said to be the highly sought after because of its unique opulent embroidery and distinct fine silk. Artistically decorated with attractive intricate designs and ancient engravings, these Brocade Sarees are indeed heavy although it is made up mostly of fine woven silk. The Brocade Sarees are noted for their intricate designs inspired by Mughal implicating foliate and floral motifs. In terms of weaving, another exceptional characteristic of Brocade Sarees is its heavy gold work because of the silver and gold threads used by the Banaras during the ancient Mughal period.

Brocade Sarees and textiles are discovered during the 17th century in Banaras and were further developed during the 18th and 19th century. Glamorous outfits which are made up of Brocade Sarees are rich with daring designs such as the woven ones with bugle beads, sequins, salwar paired with contrasting shades, beads, etc. It may take 15 days or even a month longer to make this type. It was during the Renaissance period that the high class members of the states of India, mostly the wealthy ones were most conscious on the rich finishes and expensive fabrics made of Brocade Sarees. This kind of ethnic sarees could be resold to famous designers who were amazed by the enduring fabric that composed the Brocade Sarees. This action is highly favorable to the ruling classes during the ancient times because these sarees are almost impossible and hard to produce that makes them most exclusive and expensive.

The fast emerging textile industry in India created envy to the Western countries. Because of this, the Europeans want to create high standard sarees like that of India but it is very difficult for them to do such elegant sarees. There are certain expert techniques in silk weaving industry that only belongs to the Indian culture. Furthermore, speaking of modernization, it generally pertains to the changes with the culture, styles and designs of clothing in the present generation most especially in western countries. But India still values the genuine beauty, elegance and uniqueness of these Brocade Sarees. As part of history, this ethnic Indian attire has its own style and charm. It is mostly preferred by Indian women as their chosen attire on their wedding day. Now in the new era, these silk woven outfits still exist due to its defined borders that give grace to the overall dress. The edgings of the dress are done with colorful designs that brings accent in its totality. Brocade Sarees are also fashionable and looks very splendid when worn by any woman because of its amazing variety of different forms to choose from.

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