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A View to the Traditional Indian Chanderi Sarees


Sarees are one of the long time traditional outfits of Indian women that never go out of style. A piece of unstitched cloth cut from about 4 meters to meters long is amazingly draped on a woman’s body. These clothes are best and suitable in almost all ages. The dress is packed with an elegant style and once worn by a woman, it will give her a stunning look. This is the main reason why most women love sarees. In fact today, there are lots of varieties of Indian sarees that are present in the market and one of its finest types is the Chanderi sarees.

The history of Chanderi began in India . Actually Chanderi is one of a small place of Madhya Pradesh, a small town in India . Chanderi is specifically situated in the places called Bundelkand and Malwa wherein it was known to be the trade routes from Central India to the Gujarat ports and many other places way back on 11 th century. Chanderi became popular due to its beautifully made manual woven sarees. Actually, the place was once called as the major centers of the saree weavers. Chanderi sarees were one of the popular wears for women in India before and even until now.

Chanderi sarees are one of the best sarees and made from the finest material. A silk fabric or the best and fine qualities of cotton fabrics are the major fabric used in making Chanderi saree. The sarees made from these materials is the indication that it came from Chanderi because this was one of the designs and pattern that were present in Chanderi temples.

Moreover, Chanderi sarees designs are now embraced not only by South Asian cultures but also to Western cultures. In fact, the Chanderi fabric is best used during summer and winter seasons. The Chanderi fabric is also chosen by Anarkali style suit because of the type of quality it has. The glittering and shimmering property of the cotton Chanderi fabric, along with its fantastic gold colored thread which is actually used for motifs and for borders makes this fabric luxurious and elegant. Another important thing about the Chanderi sarees is the thread that is being used during its weaving process. The Chanderi sarees are enhance with pearls, patches, special types of threads and resham to make it catchy and attractive.

Nowadays, Chanderi sarees are made with either pure silk, pure cotton or even a combination of both fabrics. One of the best qualities of Chanderi saree is its capacity to harmonize between the border of the saree and the body, thus making the outfit elegant. The off white colored pattern on the body is among the common pattern colors, and on the borders of the saree it uses different color or a combination of colors. Usually, Chanderi sarees has designs called Zari Patti and uses motif and butis around the body of saree wears to make it more luxurious. This fantastic and fashionable garment is one of the top choices among Asian and Indian women and also one of the top ranks choices among the royal families for several decades now.

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