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How To Wear Saree

Try these striking Gadwal Sarees


Sari is a very special type of dress or garment which is worn mostly in parts of Asia and mostly in India. This type of dress is usually worn by wrapping it around the waist. There are many other ways also to wear this dress. This type of dress is basically unstitched and that is where its grace and specialty lies. Without going into further details of what sari is, let’s talk about the specific kind of sari. Gadwal Sarees are very popular these days because of their elegance and grace. This type of sarees is produced in Andra Pradesh which is a state of India. The name of these sarees is originated from Gadwal which is a city in Andra Pradesh. This is basically the hub of such sarees. So, what is so special about this type of sarees? Basically, the specialty of Gadwal Sarees is the extraordinary work on borders or pallus. The fabric which is used is mostly silk or cotton or it could be mix as well. The work which is done on Gadwal Sarees is genuinely hand-woven. The most bizarre and specialty of sari dress is that there is no particularly one way to wear it. There is a lot of margin for your creativity. Even If you want to stick to the norms, you could find many ways to war a sari.

Traditionally, Gadwal sarees were made with a very special type of technique. Many people believe that banaras influence is evident in Gadwal sarees designs. Another specialty is the traditional and cultural value of these sarees. They are mostly worn on religious occasions and sometimes on festivals as well. This type of sarees is not particularly popular with only elite class rather common women or house wives if you will also wear Gadwal sarees on special occasions. There has been developments and evolution in the design of these sarees with the period of time. Due to this development, some really nice and elegant designs have emerged. Sico Sari is one of the best examples in this context. The fabric involved in this type of sari is fifty percent cotton and fifty percent silk. This sari has gained a lot of attraction and is very popular these days and the demand is continuously increasing. Such sarees are also a perfect dress for a wedding ceremony. As mentioned earlier that there are lots of different ways to wear a sari however; the best and the most popular way to wear Gadwal Sarees is to wear in South Indian way. That would be the most elegant and graceful way to wear Gadwal Sarees but do not consider this as a hindrance to your creativity. You could still do that if you want and have complete faith in your creative abilities. Another important thing to mention is the availability of designs and colors in Gadwal Sarees. There are plenty for you to choose and to become unique. Browse those designs and shop these sarees if you have not already had it.

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