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Indian Jewelry

  Indian jewelry has been a valuable part of the country’s culture for more than 5000 years. Just as women are delighted to shop for clothing made from beautiful fabrics in vibrant patterns, the same can be said of things like Kundan and Polki jewelry, which are steeped in tradition and provide a wonderful form of expression.

India and Pakistan once being one country, share similar tradition in terms of ethnic fashion therefore, Indian jewelery and Pakistani jewellery are the same. In fact Muslim karigars are gifted with the art of creating and crafting intricate jewelry designs.

Polki and Kundan Jewelry

Two of the most popular forms of Indian jewelry online are Kundan and Polki. While they look the same and have many of the same features, there are some differences between the two. Both are made from precious or semi-precious stones set in gold, and both are decorated with pearls and teardrop shapes to give them their bold appearances. In a nutshell, both are considered Kundan jewelry but the Polki version is costlier, since it is made from uncut diamonds rather than colored glass or semi-precious gems.

India Fashion Jewelry

Indian jewelry is some of the most elaborate in the world. It boasts unique colors and designs and, in most cases, no two pieces are exactly alike. Bangles, bracelets, necklaces, rings, earrings, nose rings, toe rings, and even anklets provide plenty of ways for women to express themselves along with their choices in clothing. Jewelry from India is very diverse and can be found in all different colors, shapes, sizes and styles. Most of the time, Indian jewelry is designed to match attire; however, in the case of beautifully-crafted pieces, this can also work in the opposite way. Some women will design an entire outfit around a single necklace.

Buying Online

Unless you live in India where you have access to some of the world’s best designers and shops, the best way to get real, authentic Indian jewelry is to order it online. Many purchases come with free shipping like at out store, and you can rest assured that you will receive exactly what you pay for. All of the items are crafted using the best precious metals and stones, and even the costume jewelry (crafted from glass and other relatively inexpensive materials) is some of the best available. You can purchase several pieces at once or you can purchase them one at a time; there are necklaces, rings and other pieces of jewelry suited for any occasion, whether it is casual or formal in nature.

Pieces for Any Age

Many online shops and boutiques sell only pieces of Indian fashion jewelry that are considered contemporary and modern. While this is great news for the younger generation who wants to enjoy all of the latest styles, those who prefer timeless fashion may be a bit disappointed. Our online boutique is different in that we offer everything from the most classic pieces to the newest – a wide selection that will please women of any age. Every kind of Indian fashion jewelry is available under one virtual roof, making it simpler and easier than ever to choose the right ensemble.

Every Color, Every Size, Every Style

Color is a huge part of fashion, and Indian jewelry follows in those very same footprints. Different finishes and styles will pair well with various fabrics and colors to provide the perfect look. Whether you are looking for a delicate, dainty piece or a bold one that makes a statement, you can find the Indian jewelry you want in every color, every finish, and every size. When you buy Indian jewelry online, it takes the frustration out of going from store to store to find that one perfect piece that is going to make all of the difference.

Real and imitation Indian jewelry is all just a few clicks away with online shopping, and you can rest assured that your next fashion statement will be affordable and beautiful. Whether you want to find the perfect piece to complement your favorite top or you want to find a brand new piece around which to build your next outfit, anything is possible with jewelry from India.