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Kathi Embroidery


Culture of Gujarat – Kathi embroidery

Kathi embroidery is an art and is adept by the women who belong to Kathi community; this is a nomadic Gujarat tribe. Black cloth is chosen for this embroidery. And many colors like crimson, yellow, golden, white are used to decorate and beautify the embroidery. To provide a balanced effect and good reflection Blue and Green colors are also used in a small quantity. To outline the embroidery work, chain cum and chain interlacing stitch is used. After that the fillings of it are completed by the herringbone stitch.

This designs reflect by the embroidery mainly reflect the Hindu mythologies as well as epics. Motifs too include flower-patterned, birds and animals. In between places are enclosed with descriptions of plants and buds. Flower, eyes of birds and animals brings an improved effect on the embroidery.

There are many reasons to popular kathi embroidery to the women. Beautiful prominent depicting figures of nature, animals, flowers, birds and plants are delineated on the fabrics. Kathi embroidery becomes more elegance and grace by the designs of the tigers, elephants and cobras. The geometric position i.e. the image of the ocean found on this embroidery. Here is the most popular form of design in kathi embroidery. Gurreri is also the attractive form of kathi embroidery.

Day by day, this culture becomes popular to the next generation. And the most important part of a generation, the women are deeply involved and interested to this fashion. Nowadays the first choice is the kathi embroidery.

From the need of home decoration to garments the kathi embroidery is widely used in Gujarat . Toran is the embroidered red doorway decoration with hanging flaps. In Gujarat , the local people still thought that, it brings luck to the household. Moreover, they used it as a welcome symbol at their main door. This embroidery not only the need of them but also become a part of their life. Furniture covers with, a partition execution named Bhitiya are too completed by this embroidery work. The women are mostly interested to decorate their home using this embroidery.

Nowadays, with the increase of technology the way of producing the kathi embroidery the time and cost are reduced. The modern women are deeply involved different choice especially dark color, silk, jewelry. So the kathi embroidery should be move in a different way, we have to concern about the choice of teen age girls. If we able to bring the kathi embroidery in the regular dress of the teenage choice. This is the reason that the market of kathi embroidery become popular and wider. This become a good step for our present generation because they are keep in touch with a culture of their grandmother,

We need to research to develop the production technology of kathi embroidery so that it can be stable a long time. We should remember that women are the most vital part of any generation so we show some respect to them. And become aware of their need and choice. So kahti embroidery is a gift to out female generation.

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