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Phool Patti Work


The Wholesome Art of Phool Patti Work

Phool Patti work is a famous Indian Appliqué Work where mostly other fabrics or organdy that are purposely cut outs designed in leaf and floral motifs are both affixed on a plain cloth, sometimes done in tandem with silver tilla embroidery. This so called" Phool Patti Ka Kaam " is the very traditional embroidery artwork that came from the Northern part of India . This is considered as a fragile type of Appliqué embroidery and originally done during the Mughal period. Phool Patti work is basically practiced with the use of very fine cotton fabrics. As derived from its name, Phool pertains to "flower" and Patti is referred to "leaf". Both of these designs are then embroidered into the fabrics to bring on different intricate creative patterns. The whole procedure of Phool Patti work is done entirely by the use of hands especially the joining of the seams and the finish of the edgings.

Phool patti work stresses its emphasis on the beauty of natural surroundings. Designs focused much accordingly to floral motifs. The revealing and pleasant picture of leaves, flowers such as rose and lotus and fruits like melon, mango and grapes. Most likely in dealing with this artworks such dominant motifs are usually used such as the branches and stems of trees and plants with their leaves, creepers, tendrils, paisleys and even a bunch of grapes and the most common of which is the five and three petal flowers. Much of these are considered in Phool Patti work except for animal and human figures as great respect for Islam traditions.

This candid and wholesome Phool Patti work has emerged the domain of thousands of women especially living in several parts of Aligarh . These include the girls and women who are entrepreneurs, trainers, designers, workers, Patti karigars, launderers and most likely seamstresses. Patti Karigars are associated to women who are the poorest and illiterate embroiderers in the city.  But with the Phool Patti work entails employment and income for many illiterate women from economically unstable communities.

Finally, embroidery can help procreate a dull and ugly piece of fabric into a visual masterpiece. The very talented Indians have their own special technique to make impossible things become possible. This scope is seen generally how Indian embroiderers create intricate colorful designs out of variety of fabrics in the local market. the Phool Patti work creates a photographic journey on imaginative style of embroiderers to explore and design artistically using the influence of nature. These designs correlate much with elegant embellishments and natural innovations that equally upholds the household linens and many different garments related on Phool Patti work. However, it is this delicate form of embroidery has emerged a significant mark in India 's history of artwork because of its unique and extraordinary characteristics. It is vast soulful for women to observe, learn, appreciate, explore, work and experiment on this traditional work of art to improve a better lifestyle and enhance the beauty within yourself. Moreover, if you would want to explore the beauty of this artwork, then you may just find the guidelines in the internet and start doing the embroidery right away.

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