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Ribbon Embroidery


Ribbon Embroidery- secret behind the shining effect of big motifs

Whenever you are seeing any stunning beautiful embroidery designs you are invariably looking at the ribbon embroidery. So now you would have grasped the delicacy and adornment of the ribbon embroidery in any designs. The ribbon embroidery brings the hue of the flower design much more colorful and the sheen of the flower obtained is extraordinary.

Ribbon embroidery is not a basic stitch, so one must have good knowledge and practice the basic stitch before starting the design. The need for the knowledge of the basic stitch is necessary to create pretty motif designs. Ribbon embroidery decorates the top layer of the fabrics with some beautiful designs just like all embroidery patterns but the look obtained is something different.

The basic way to start the ribbon embroidery is to start from the very basic ribbon embroidery stitch called ribbon stitch. First sew some length of basic simple straight stitch using ribbon and then just pull some length of ribbon out of the needle. As a freely loosened ribbon creates a petal like effect, to hold this petal to the flower make a simple knot stitch behind the design.

Ribbon embroidery has different type of designs. These different designs are varied according to the length of the ribbon which is loosely hanging from the base fabric, thickness of the ribbon, pattern of the designs, color of the material used. It iswell designed to hold the ribbon some stiff wire can be used. Among the different types of embroidery done using the ribbon pattern, silk ribbon embroidery design is very popular; it is very luster in nature itself, so it brings true color to the design.

Silk ribbon embroidery can be used to create stunning birds design, blooming flowers and so on and it is also used to create flits in the bridegroom bridal dress. Some of the other ribbon embroidery designs which are popular among the market are the satin material as itgives you good intensity of color in the top layer of the fabric and also manmade fibres like acrylic, rayon also gives the shining effect.

The basic things needed to start a design are wide eye needle so that the movement of the ribbon inside the eye will be free which is more important to bring the floating effect of the ribbon. Another thing which makes the difference in the making of this stitchis the knotting of the ribbon in the needle is different from the other knotting of the basic stitch. As it is usual to knot at the thread at the end but this makes the fabric bulkier and this should be avoided to hide the tighten effect of the ribbon which will spoil the luster of the design very badly.

First tie one end of the ribbon at the needle and then pierce the free end of the ribbon through the eye of the needle. The best way to start this type of stitch is to practice by trying simple flower designs and later on you will be able to design big motif with complicated designs.

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