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Shahab Durazi


Shahab Durazi – Penchant for Perfection

Shahab Durazi the well-known fashion designer of his times was born and raised in the suburbs of Mumbai with a fine education at one of the finest schools – Cathedral and John Connon High School. Raised with siblings and cousins in a large strict Indian-Arabian family setup, the young mind of Shahab Durazi was already honed to get something out of anything and everything. This creativity manifested itself in every way possible as the young boy turned into an adolescent and later defined his styles and designs.

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Shahab Durazi’s belief that excellence was the only form of art made him pursue a career that only improvised and sharpened his skills at art within him. This urge pushed him to pursue a career in design and art.

After graduating in Commerce, Shahab Durazi realized that he belonged to the design world was confirmed when he enrolled himself at the world’s alma mater of all fashion designers – the Fashion Institute of Technology, New York to major in Fashion Designing.

Shahab Durazi went on to graduate summa-cum-laude for his designing excellence and won the Harve Bernard Critics Award for technical excellence in garment construction.

Fashion Designer Shahab Durazi

The early works of Shahab Durazi took the Fashion Industry by a storm when all his works took the onlookers by awe and every detail of works were well applauded.

On his return to India in the late ‘80s, as he launched his designs, the Indian Fashion Industry was appalled by the rich blend of unbelievably western chic, clean and crisp designs but uniquely blended into the Indian contours and tastes. Shahab Durazi undoubtedly swept the fashion world by its feet.

Designer Shahab Durazi

Shahab Durazi then went on to launch his own brand of designs at a retail outlet in Mumbai to cater a wide range of clientele with diverse ethnic moods and backgrounds. All of Shahab Durazi’s garments exhibit subtle sophisticated glamour and elegance which proves his signature of perfection.

Another interesting attribute of his profile is that he lays strict restrictions on his own self that he works alone without assistants; a true one-man-army consisting of himself without draping any of his designs on any beauty queen or model.

Most of Shahab Durazi’s styles were originally made only to fit the contours of sizes 6-12, the slim, chic woman. The Designer is now widening his array on both collections as well as the wide variety of sizes and aims at contributing to the rich and happening Indian clientele.

Shahab Durazi has always been the favorite of many an aspiring designer much accredited for his penchant for perfection, his innate nature in creating designs that defy every norm and logic, working by himself without assistants and personally sketching, cutting and carving every fabric, thereby guarding his prized privacy and legacy. His power to build and sustain his brand has always defied every rule in the book, his designs still always neat and clean, the master contourist remaining that way even during his latest “Shahab Durazi Show” in September 2010.

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Shahab Durazi

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