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Emerging as a combination of eastern and western styles, Sherwani for Men is a style of coat that emerged in southern Asia in the 18th century. Sherwani suit has remained popular around the world even today. It is particularly famour in countries like India and Pakistan, the latter which has made it the official national dress. Men's Sherwani is a great attire for those who want to tap into a historical style that is comfortable but still looks great.
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Cream Color Embroidered Silk Sherwani   Sable Black and Teal Blue Brocade Indo Western Sherwani   Maroon Art Silk Fabric Embroidered Sherwani  
Cream Color Embroidered Silk Sherwani
US $246.00
Sable Black and Teal Blue Brocade Indo Western Sherwani
US $339.00
Maroon Art Silk Fabric Embroidered Sherwani
US $202.00
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Green Kurta Set   Yellow Kurta Suit   Pink Men's Formal Kurta Set  
Green Kurta Set
US $129.00
Yellow Kurta Suit
US $79.00
Pink Men's Formal Kurta Set
US $149.00
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Black  Men's Kurta Suit  
Black Men's Kurta Suit
US $104.00
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When to Wear Sherwani

Mens Sherwani is best worn at formal events, particularly at events where the “east meets west” style of clothing is welcome. It is customarily worn at ceremonies and other major events in both Asia and the United Kingdom. Many people choose to wear this garb when they attend weddings, and some retailers even offer specialty wedding Sherwani that you can choose from. In Europe and especially the UK, there are many different celebrations of Asian culture where this outfit is appropriate. This style of clothing can typically be found on men in the following settings:

  • Wedding ceremonies.
  • Formal events.
  • Religious ceremonies.
  • Cultural celebrations.
  • High-class dinner parties.
  • Indo western theme parties.
  • Any other event where you want to show off your Asian sensibilities and style.

History of Sherwani

Originally, Sherwani for men served as a dress code for Turkish and Persian nobles. Eventually, it became formal wear for virtually every man in the region. Because of its formal origins, it served as the most common dress at Indian and Pakistani weddings, and remains used for that purpose even today. When the British came to India, they were impressed with the clothing and its popularity spreaded to Europe as a result. Even today, many celebrities and high-profile figures who wish to embrace central Asian culture or celebrate their Indian or Pakistan heritage, wear this clothing at high-profile events.

Types of Material

Although Sherwani for men can come in a range of different fabric types, true Sherwani is made of silk. This does make the clothing slightly more expensive, but it is usually preferable to pay the extra fee than to wear something that many will regard as inauthentic. Colors vary greatly and depend largely on personal preference. Common color selections include silver, grey, black, green blue, and red. In many cases, special patterns are also embroidered into the material, and it is fairly rare that an outfit will be of only one uniform color. While silk is the most preferable material for this style of clothing, modern designers do occasionally use substitutes, including the following:

  • Nylon
  • Polyester
  • Lyocell (also known as Tencel)
  • Synthetic silk
  • Velvet

Celebrities in Sherwani

Many celebrities around the world have chosen Sherwani as their clothing of choice when they go to premiers, promote their material, or attend other special events. Adaptation of Indo western Sherwani by Hollywood stars, specially during red carpet events has made this classy menswear famous all over the world. Bollywood stars can typically be found in this style of outfit, as can musicians and politicians in central Asia. One of the most famous individual to don a mens Sherwani outfit is Fawad Khan, a major Pakistani celebrity. In the United States, celebrities who have Indian or Pakistan heritage have been known to adopt the clothing as a way of celebrating their culture.

Sherwani is a comfortable and attractive form of clothing that can be worn by virtually any man who wants to look sharp during a formal event. Be it a business dinner or a wedding ceremony, this outfit is practical and appealing, making it fit to be worn almost anywhere.

Available Colors in Sherwani

Beige | Black | Blue | Brown | Cream | Maroon | Pink | Purple | Red | Silver | White

At Kaneesha, we provide wide variety of Sherwani designs in several colors and material. With locations in USA and India, we ship custom stitched outfits all over the world. is rated 4.7 stars by based on 789 certified reviews.

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