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Are all Zari Sarees The Same?


Zari sarees of many possible colors are now available and they come in many designs possible. The most common ones are pure silk zari sarees and there are also some wedding zari sarees that are woven with the use of pure zari and silk, thus gaining a green-copper color effect.

What makes zari sarees special is the fact that they are perfect for all possible occasions. Embroidery based on zari will usually be used in saris that are to be worn in weddings. Nowadays there are dozens of high quality stores where such saris can be bought. There are even some online stores that are offering them. All that the buyer would need to do is choose the desired model and placing an order.

When wearing or creating saris we are faced with many possibilities. In most situations the geographical location is going to have the biggest impact due to the influence of tradition. There are different styles like zari, hakoba, patola, kanchivaram and many others.

The Zari sarees contain zari threads, which are made out of 3 components. They are integrated perfectly thanks to a highly developed gliding and spinning process. The components are:

  • Silver Wire – this is a very fine wire of silver that is made out of copper and silver. Such a wire is to contain over 75% Silver.
  • Silk Thread – Silk threads are going to form the zari thread’s core. Over them there will be the silver allow wire wounded.
  • Gold Coating – Uncoated silver threads are going to receive gold coating. There is thus a special silver thread that is gold coated. This is what Zari actually is.

India is known all around the world for the zari thread that is used in Zari sarees. Zari was worn in the past due to tradition. There was a belief that the tread was Gods attire. Nowadays the traditional practice of the past has received the influence of technology and the zari threads used are created much more easily than years ago.

Contrary to popular belief, there are different sarees that are Zari Sarees. It can be said that any sari that includes zari threads are Zari Sarees. This can create a lot of confusion for the buyer. The good news is that most people that want to buy saris from around the world are not going to care about the name used and they will mainly focus on materials that are used. A combination of pure silk and zari threads is highly popular and it is used in the creation of really special Zari Sarees that can be really elegant or highly appealing.

It is recommended to purchase Zari Sarees only from highly reputable stores because the quality is the most important aspect that has to be considered. Buyers are going to obtain a sari that can be worn in different circumstances from a night out at the disco to a wedding. What is really important is how the sarees are worn and a minor change from this point of view will create a huge difference.

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