The Journey Kaftan Clothes

It was during the Ottoman Empire in 16 th century where the designs of kaftan were originated and became one of their traditional clothing. Normally, during the ottoman’s time, these clothes were worn by sultans and men individuals along with their outer garments. During that time, the most common fabrics that were used in making caftans were velvet, satin, silk and metallic threads. The reason of using different types of fabric is to distinguish the social status of a certain individual and only those people who were wealthy and powerful can wear the luxurious kaftan clothes.

On the following centuries, kaftan became a part of Moroccan and Russian cultures. It spreads out and gained popularity in the South East Asian counties. Although they have appreciated these clothes but each of these races creates a different and unique translations of caftans. In the case of the Moroccan culture, they have used the caftans garments and wear it in special occasions and customized these dresses into formal, semi formal or elegant casual evening dresses.

It was just in 1960 where the kaftan clothes became popular in the Western countries. It was Diana Vreeland, the great and popular columnist and editor in the fashion industry who introduces and made these clothes popular in the fashion circle. From then on, the kaftan was one of the remarkable clothes and top choices of many fashionable individuals.

A kaftan is a type of a loss-fitted and full length garment with either a long or short sleeves. Today, there are many variations of caftans that are available in the market. The designers have created great designs of kaftan and uses high quality materials to provide comfort to the users. The popular men’s caftans design has gores at the bottom to emphasize the beauty and designs. The women’s designs of caftans are usually in fitted styles along with additional accessories like the belts and sashes. Some other luxurious and impressive designs are those caftan clothes having multi layers of sleeves along with a slit on the other side to reveal the designs and colors of the fabric.

There are now many designs ofcaftans that are best suited for every activity. Among of the modern designs of caftans are the beach caftans, caftans dress and the beautiful top caftans. These kaftan clothes can be worn in either in long or short versions depending on the styles that is suitable for you. There are also other designs of caftans that are now customizable and can be worn in various ways.

On the other hand, if you are hanging out with your friends in the beach, the best kaftan clothes to wear is the short tunic type. Actually, the short tunic caftans are suitable to almost all types of body figures. There are also umpteen designs applicable for plus size women to fit their personal styles. The designers make sure that they will create plus size designs of caftans to perfectly emphasize the body figure and the body curves of these people. And more importantly, the materials that are being used like the types of fabric, the combination of colors and the choice of caftan’s cut should be properly blended to come up with a perfect caftans suit.

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