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Magic Earring Lifts, Ear Lobe Support Backs for Studs (4 Pair - 2 Gold/2 Silver)

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4 Pair - 2 Gold/2 Silver
REPLACEMENT FOR REGULAR BACKS: These earring lifts are designed to lay flat against the back of your ear, acting as a lifter to hold your earrings in the proper position. It’s a must-have accessory for anyone who loves wearing earrings every day. The:
LIFTER FOR DROOPING EAR LOBES: It’s common for pierced ear lobes to droop over time, especially if you wear a lot of large and heavy earrings. These special no-droop earring stops support earrings of all sizes, holding them up against your earlobe in
EASY-TO-USE POSTS: These magic earring lifts are just as easy to use as any traditional push-in earring backs. Simply insert your earring and secure it with an earring lift. Adjust the lift so the support section is facing upward. They work great wit:
WORKS FOR MANY EARRING TYPES: Our earring backing accessories are made to work with any studs, hoops, or dangling earrings that use push-back posts (even thin posts!). They are not effective with screw-on or lock studs, or earrings without posts. You
GOLD & SILVER TONES: This set includes both gold and silver earring backs to match all your favorite jewelry.:
They work well with both women’s and men’s jewelry, round or crystal earrings, and even tiny studs. Whether you prefer basic or sophisticated, luxury jewelry, you’ll be impressed with this sagging ear lobe solution.

These Magic Earring Lifts (Like seen on TV!) are the best way to reduce the appearance of drooping earlobes without expensive surgeries. Simply attach them to the back of your push-back earrings instead of your regular backs, turn the support section facing upward, and be amazed at the instant drooping fix. Even the heaviest earrings will sit right against your ear for the best look possible. This set comes with 4 sets of earring lifts in both silver and gold so you can match them with most jewelry. Use them with any studs, hoops, or dangling earrings that use traditional push-back posts. They even work with thinner posts! They are not suitable for screw-on or locking earrings, or any earrings that don’t use posts. It’s common for earlobes to droop with age, especially if you can’t resist a pair of big and beautiful earrings. These backs offer a quick and easy solution that allows you to show off your favorite earrings while preventing further drooping. They’re ideal for both women and men and look great with many different earring styles. Whether you prefer real diamonds or minimalist geometric shapes, these amazing earring backs will keep you looking your best! As an added bonus, each purchase of Earring Lifts includes a free Juniper’s Secret Microfiber Eyeglass Pouch so you can safely store your glasses without worrying about scratches or damage. This soft carrier case is ideal for reading glasses, sunglasses, and prescription lenses. Purchase this amazing 4-pack of earring backs today!